Cross Flow Closed Cooling Tower

  • Type   Closed cross flow cooling tower
  • Advantages   Low operating noise
  • Applicable Industries   Manufacturing Plant, Energy & Mining, Mlting casting,Car industry



Introduction to the principle of SHENNAI cross flow closed cooling tower

The heat source circulating water is pushed to the coil of the cooling tower through the system circulating water pump. At this time, the spray water pump starts to pu mp the natural cooling water stored in the lower water tank into the spray water tank at the top of the cooling tower. The reasonable and uniform through holes are arranged at the bottom of the spray water tank to fully distribute the spray water on the coil of each layer and on the PVC filler in the middle of each layer of coil, Complete the first heat exchange to take away the heat of the heat source circulating water.

In this process, the mechanical axial flow fan at the top of the cooling tower starts to pump the external dry and cold air into the cooling tower to make the dry and cold air indirectly contact with the coil surface of the internal hot water, and complete the second heat exchange to take away the heat of the heat source circulating water, Both heat exchanges have fans to discharge the humid and hot air in the tower after heat exchange fro m the air duct opening, and finally the cooled heat source circulating water flows out of the tower body, and then the system circulating water pump is sent to the heat source (cooled equipment), so as to complete the cooling back and forth and ensure the stability of the cooled equipment.

During the cooling process, the heat source circulating water flows from the inner side of the tower to the outer side of the tower. At this time, the dry and cold air flows from the outer side of the tower to the inner side of the tower. In this way, the heat source circulating water carries out transverse heat exchange with the dry and cold air at the horizontal level. The heat source circulating water always circulates in the coil of the cooling tower without direct contact with the external air, Therefore, the cooling equipment is a cross flow closed cooling tower.

The composition of the cross flow closed cooling tower

  • Guardrail
  • Pressure stabilizing box
  • Cage + ladder
  • Inlet pipe
  • Panel
  • Automatic + manual water supply port
  • Access door
  • Outlet pipe
  • Maintenance walkway
  • Lower water pan
  • Cement foundation (self built by users)
  • Direct drive fan
  • Cover plate of drenching tank
  • Air inlet louver
  • Heat exchanger
  • Spray water pump
  • Sewage outlet
  • Overflow port



Engineering data and parameter table of SHENNAI-SHC series 4TD – 30TD cooling tower

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working condition Overall dimension Weight Pressure
Spray water pump Fan parameters Electric
Noise value
Inlet water
37℃ L W H Total
Inlet & Outlet
Transport Working Diameter Power Blowing
Power Flow Air inlet side One side of panel The inclination of
air outlet
is 45°
Outlet water
Wet bulb
Model Water volume
mm mm mm mm mm kg kg Kpa mm kw m³/s kw m³/h kw 2m 10m 2m 10m
SHC-4ID 4.6 1800 1100 1450 2650 275 400 630 31.3 550 0.4 2.1 0.25 10 2 58.5 51 55 48 63.5
SHC-7TD 7.8 1800 1500 1450 2650 675 450 740 61.2 700 0.75 3.33 0.25 10 3 60 53 57 50 65
SHC-10TD 11.7 1800 1500 1650 2850 675 500 820 48.4 700 0.75 3.33 0.25 10 4 62 56 58 51 65
SHC-14TD 15.6 1800 1500 1950 3150 675 560 900 43.7 800 0.75 3.88 0.37 16 4 62 56 58 51 65
SHC-18TD 19.5 1800 1500 1950 3150 675 590 960 52.9 800 1.5 4 0.37 16 4 64 56 60 54.5 68
SHC-22TD 23.4 2400 1900 1950 3150 1075 690 1190 77.9 950 1.5 4.5 0.37 16 5 65 58 61 55 69
SHC-30TD 31.2 2400 1900 2250 3450 1075 770 1300 79.5 1100 1.5 6.6 0.37 16 5 65 58 61 55 69

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  1. The pressure loss in the parameter table is the reference value of the loss head of the circulating water pipeline inside the cooling tower under the standard condition (37-32-28 °℃).
  2. The electric heater power in the parameter table is the reference value set based on the external air temperature of – 15 ℃.
  3. The data in the table is for reference only. For more detailed parameters, please contact the company directly. Due to the later improvement of the product, some data may be changed without notice.

Application Examples

Scope of application of cross flow closed cooling tower

  • This type of closed cooling tower is characterized by a large temperature difference between the cooling water inlet and outlet and low noise, so it is very suitable for industrial environments with high noise requirements.
  • Such as electronic factories, medical equipment factories, etc., or the factories are very close to residential areas, hospitals, schools and other places.


Features of the cross flow closed cooling tower

  • Convenient transportation and installation:The standard components of the upper and lower boxes are used for transportation and on-site installation, which greatly facilitates the transportation and installation of the product.
  • Low failure rate:Fans and pumps are made of high-quality bearings, and there are no other running and wearing parts. The fan adopts a direct-connected structure, without the transmission loss caused by the pulley structure, with low noise and low failure rate.
  • Easy maintenance:humanized structure design, large maintenance door, spacious interior space, maintenance personnel can easily carry out various maintenance work inside the product.
  • Low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection:Due to the unique structure of this product and its unique high thermal performance, it has good cooling effect, energy saving, water saving, low noise and no environmental pollution. It is a real energy saving and environmental protection product.
  • Realize non-stop maintenance:This product can repair the parts of the equipment without downtime.


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