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3D installation operation guidance

Provide full service for the use of products. According to the needs of the whole industry chain to provide customized equipment solutions, intelligent equipment to reasonably achieve the best ratio of product quality and cost.

2D layout construction drawing

We can provide you with integrated solutions for product site layout, installation and construction, and explain product performance, operation specifications, operation and maintenance knowledge, etc

Installation operation planning and operation guidance

For you to explain product performance, operation specifications, maintenance knowledge, etc., to ensure that the equipment to maintain a good working state, play the work efficiency

  • 1Check the condition of all equipment after the installation of power supply, mechanical equipment and water cooling system.
  • 2After the induction furnace is installed and inspected, the furnace lining can be rammed and sintered, which is the key to determine its service life and safe operation.
  • 3When switching over the furnace, be sure to turn off the intermediate frequency power supply first. Otherwise, it will cause open circuit of power supply and burn electrical components.
  • 4When the furnace leakage current is greater than 60MA and the horizontal and vertical cracks of furnace lining are greater than 3MM, pay attention to check the furnace lining to prevent furnace penetration.
  • 5The furnace body shall reduce the storage time of high-temperature molten iron as much as possible (high temperature above 1350 ℃) to avoid burning damage to the furnace lining.
  • 6During normal production, if the cooling water of the furnace body is suddenly cut off, the emergency water valve shall be opened within five minutes to make the furnace body water; Otherwise, the coil insulation will be damaged (at this time, the external water inlet valve on the water exchanger should be closed, and the valve must be opened when the boiler water is normal).

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