Working principle of SMC closed cooling tower

Dec 29, 2022


Features of SMC closed cooling tower

SMC closed cooling tower effectively integrates the functions of cooling tower and heat exchanger into a single equipment, so as to keep the temperature of process fluid close to the air wet bulb temperature. When the system is working, the process fluid to be cooled flows inside the coil of the serpentine heat exchanger, and there is a spray system outside to continuously wet the surface of the coil. The water sprayed on the coil is cooled by a section of radiator with high efficiency cooling effect, and then falls into the water collecting tray for recycling. The system adopts the SMC composite flow technology. The air is sucked in and passed through the coil and radiator at the same time, so that part of the water evaporates. All water entrained in the air flow is recovered by the splash water deflector and returned to the water collecting tray. By evaporation, the heat is taken away from the spray water to cool the coil and the process fluid in the coil. In this process, the only water "consumed" is the water evaporated into steam plus a part of sewage, and sewage can inhibit the concentration of impurities in the recycled water.

Features of SMC closed cooling tower

Corrosion resistant structure

Heavy G-235 galvanized steel or corrosion resistant glass steel sheet

Low horsepower axial flow fan

Axial flow fan with high operating efficiency

Corrosion resistant aluminum material

Low noise fan available


5-year motor and drive warranty

Special cooling tower grade motor

Corrosion resistant cast aluminum pulley

Heavy gauge bearing

Totally enclosed air flow fan motor

Highest quality solid substrate multi groove belt

Hinged access door

Inward rotating access door with easy latch handle

Standard configuration on the side plates at both ends

Circulating spray water pump

Closed coupled, bronze recessed centrifugal pump with mechanical seal and TEFC motor

The discharge pipeline with metering valve is installed between the discharge port and overflow port of the pump

Splash water deflector

Remove entrained moisture from the exhaust air stream

Removable design, convenient for maintenance of coil

Corrosion resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Cold water pan

The cold water pan under the high heat sink is of inclined design for easy cleaning.

The pump suction screen is equipped with an anti vortex hood

Corrosion resistant G-235 galvanized steel structure

It can also be equipped with a welded 304 stainless steel cold water pan

Water distribution system

Corrosion resistant PVC material

It can be viewed and repaired from outside the equipment

It can also be checked during full load operation

Large diameter reinforced buttonhole plastic nozzle is used to minimize the possibility of blockage

Coil section

Hot dip galvanized steel coil with continuous serpentine structure after manufacturing

The pipeline is arranged in an inclined way to facilitate the discharge of fluid

FRP louver

Durable corrosion resistant FRP material

Large spacing configuration to avoid blockage and facilitate cleaning