Relevant measuring equipment for induction furnace

Jan 06, 2023


Today, we will introduce the common measuring equipment used in induction heating.

Today, we will introduce the common measuring equipment used in induction heating.

The induction furnace is used to measure the blank temperature from the outlet of the inductor of the medium frequency electric furnace through an infrared thermometer. The temperature signal is fed back to the intermediate frequency furnace control system and PLC control system through the temperature control system.

With these parameters, we can adjust the heating temperature and control the temperature to classify the cylinder, so as to realize the qualified process. When the blank temperature meets the requirements, it can pass.

If the blank temperature is lower than the process requirements, the blank temperature shall be heated. The blank temperature is higher than the process requirements, and the blank heating temperature enters the low temperature material frame and the high temperature material frame respectively, so as to realize the three sorting of induction furnace.

The automatic sorting mechanism of induction furnace three sorting consists of photoelectric switch, infrared temperature detector, regulator and PLC.

After the photoelectric switch detects the discharge, it sends this signal to the PLC.

After the PLC detects the discharge signal, it sends a command to detect whether there is an upper and lower limit alarm signal of the regulator. If there is such a signal, it sends a command to make the unqualified pushing cylinder act; If there is no such signal, a command will be issued to make the qualified pushing cylinder act.

The qualified or unqualified command signal here is a delayed signal after the discharge signal is detected, which aims to avoid the malfunction of the sorting cylinder caused by the instability of the infrared temperature detector and regulator at the initial stage of temperature measurement. The length of the delay time is adjusted by the analog setting potentiometer 0 on the PLC.

Whether the workpiece temperature is qualified is verified by the regulator. The upper and lower limits of the qualified temperature range shall be set as the upper and lower limit alarm of the regulator.

For example, if the workpiece temperature is considered normal within the range of 1100 ° C - 1200 ° C, the upper limit alarm of the regulator should be set to 1200 ° C and the lower limit alarm should be set to 1100 ° C.

The workpiece within this temperature range is pushed into the qualified workpiece guide rail by the qualified pushing cylinder, and the workpiece outside this temperature range is pushed into the unqualified workpiece guide rail by the unqualified pushing cylinder, so as to complete the automatic sorting inspection of the pushing and discharging of the intermediate frequency furnace.

This is our introduction to the temperature of induction furnace today. I hope it can help you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Shennai and learn more about induction furnace.