Specific steps for daily maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace

Oct 19, 2022

Intermediate frequency furnace is the main tool for smelting metal now. Its production efficiency is inseparable from daily maintenance. Luoyang Shennai will introduce the daily maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace.

1. Furnace lining

Before each startup, observe whether there are cracks on the inner surface of the crucible. If the crack width is less than 2mm, it can still be used without repair. Otherwise, it must be repaired and reused.

When pouring molten steel, observe whether there are cracks at the junction of side wall furnace lining and tapping hole, and whether there are local corrosion of furnace lining at furnace bottom and slag line. If cracks are found, repair them in time.

2. Induction coil

The appearance shall be checked once a month to see whether the insulation part of the coil is bruised or carbonized, whether there are attachments on the surface, and whether the insulation pad is protruding. If any problems are found, they shall be handled in a timely manner.

Once a week, visually check whether the coil compression spring is loose and whether the rubber tube is scratched. Observe whether there is water leakage at the interface every day.

3. Furnace cover

Visually check the thickness of the refractory pouring layer in the furnace cover every day. When the thickness of the refractory pouring layer is 1/2, the furnace cover lining shall be rebuilt.

4. Control cabinet inspection

Check the action of each indicator light bulb every day, blow it with a leather tiger, and blow it with nitrogen if possible. Check whether the accessories are damaged or burnt every week, and clean the electrified contacts every six months.

The above is the introduction to the daily maintenance of the intermediate frequency furnace. Before use, it is also necessary to check the water circuit and circuit of the electric furnace. When starting up, it is required to strictly follow the operating specifications. During operation, it is also necessary to check whether the water output is smooth. Remember to cut off the power after shutdown.

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