What should be paid attention to when using coreless induction furnace?

Oct 09, 2022

As friends who have been paying close attention to Luoyang Shennai for a long time know, our company mainly produces medium frequency smelting furnaces, also known as coreless induction smelting furnaces, which use the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat steel, aluminum, zinc and other metals.

When working in the electric furnace, the furnace will be in a high temperature state. Therefore, when using our equipment, we need to pay special attention to some details about safety production. Today, Luoyang Shennai will introduce some precautions about the use of smelting furnace.

First of all, the intermediate frequency control cabinet of the smelting furnace. Most of the electrical components in the control cabinet are bare outside. When used, they pass high voltage and high current, which will cause high temperature. If the workers do not pay attention to the insulation protection, it will cause electric shock and lead to safety accidents.

We can take the following precautions when using:

1. The furnace body shall be connected with grounding wire, and insulating facilities shall be laid around the operating surface of the furnace and the control cabinet.

2. Add insulation protection on the exposed original components, such as brushing insulation paint, adding insulation between two copper bars, etc.

3. It is strictly forbidden to touch any electrical components in the intermediate frequency cabinet at will. Discharge treatment must be carried out when repairing capacitors.

4. The operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations. Power must be cut off during charging, repairing the nozzle, building the furnace, maintenance and other operations, and safety uniforms, such as insulating shoes, shall be worn.

On the other hand, it is about the high temperature scald accident of the induction furnace. The temperature of molten iron in the furnace body is more than 1000 ℃, which is very easy to explode in case of moisture and scald personnel.

Therefore, we must preheat before using the tools in front of the furnace. When adding pig iron and other materials, it is strictly prohibited to throw them forcibly or from a long distance to prevent scalding caused by splashing of molten iron. At the same time, pay attention to avoid the contact between molten iron and moisture or water. When there is molten iron in the furnace, the added materials must be dry, especially

The workshop environment in rainy and snowy weather shall pay attention to the moisture-proof and waterproof measures when storing raw materials.

These are the introduction of common problems about the safe use of smelting furnace, and I hope they can help you. Welcome to Luoyang Shennai, let us solve more problems about smelting furnace for you.