Installation of induction furnace

Nov 29, 2022

Users may encounter some problems after purchasing induction furnaces.

As the main smelting equipment in the casting industry, the design and manufacturing of induction furnace are the key steps. However, after the induction furnace is delivered to the user's work site, the installation and commissioning are the most important for the stable operation of the induction furnace.

Luoyang Shennai talks about the installation experience of induction furnace.

Preparation before installation of induction furnace

First, check whether the main components and installation materials of the induction furnace are complete according to the installation list of the induction furnace, and check their conditions.

Defects of some components and materials due to improper transportation and storage shall be repaired to ensure that all equipment, components, corresponding materials and parts are complete and intact, so as to ensure the smooth progress of future installation and commissioning.

Secondly, check and accept all civil facilities related to the induction furnace, such as checking whether the main dimensions in the plane layout are correct.

Check whether the foundation, trench and embedded parts required for the installation of various electrical equipment and main bus comply with the design requirements, and whether the foundation of induction furnace, platform elevation, deviation of longitudinal axis and horizontal axis, position of anchor screws, etc. are within the specified size range; Check whether the construction quality of foundation and platform meet the requirements.

Only after the above preparations are completed can the furnace be installed.

Installation of induction furnace

The installation of induction furnace shall meet the requirements of drawings.

First, install the furnace frame on the basis of the induction furnace, and then install the furnace tilting cylinder and furnace body. If there is a weighing device, it should be installed at the specified position according to the drawing requirements.

The support of the furnace (including fixed support and movable support for crucible induction furnace) and the furnace body are in the process of processing.

The amount of thermal deformation caused by welding construction shall be controlled within the specified range of design, so as to ensure the smooth progress of future work.

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