Reason and Solution of Induction Coil Blocking in Electric Furnace

Nov 21, 2022

When using the furnace, sometimes the induction coil is blocked, which affects the productivity of the whole production line. Today, editor of Luoyang Shennai will analyze the causes and solutions of the furnace induction coil blockage.

There are two common reasons:

One is foreign matter blockage. The cooling water source used by users is sometimes directly extracted from river water as the cooling water of the smelting furnace. There are many foreign matters in the river water. Therefore, when extracting and using the river water, the foreign matters can easily block the induction loop, resulting in being blocked or blocked by the waterway.

The other is scale blockage. The water used for cooling is basically natural water, which is relatively hard, and the smelting furnace will produce high temperature when it is working. In this case, water is used for cooling, which is easy to produce scale attached to the inner part of the copper tube of the induction coil. The components of scale are basically calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. If they are not treated for a long time, these scales will become more and more hard. Finally, the fouling will not only block the coil, causing unsmooth water flow, but also affect the overall performance and service life of the electric furnace.  

Is there any solution to the blockage of induction coil of electric furnace?

1. Before the cooling water enters the furnace, we can install a filter screen to filter out large foreign matters in the river water.

2. If there is a small blockage of foreign matters, and the location of the blockage is not too deep, we can try to use iron wire to connect to the copper tube of the induction coil to hook out the foreign matters inside.

3. When oxide such as scale blocks the induction loop, we can inject dilute sulfuric acid to make the oxide react with dilute sulfuric acid to eliminate scale. Don't worry about the induction coil, copper and dilute sulfuric acid will not react.

The use of these methods after plugging has no harm to the induction coil and has no impact on the use of the smelting furnace. Users can refer to the solution of the coil plugging problem of the induction furnace. If the problem cannot be solved, you need to contact relevant professionals.

This is the knowledge about induction coil of smelting electric furnace that we have compiled. Welcome to Luoyang Shennai, let us solve more questions about induction furnaces for you.