How to use scale remover of closed cooling tower

Nov 24, 2022


Clean the water tank at the bottom of the cooling tower

Operating Steps

01 Remove the guard board on the reverse side of the spray pipe, and check to ensure that the spray head is not blocked and can spray evenly.

02 Clean the water tank at the bottom of the cooling tower.

03 Add water until the water inlet of the spray pipe can be submerged, so that the spray pump can normally fill water. Add 6-10 barrels of scale remover first if it has been used for 1-2 years. (The specific amount is related to the size of the cooling tower and the scale)

04 After spraying for about an hour, when the copper pipe can already be seen from the side, wash the scale hanging on the copper pipe with a car washing water gun or a wooden stick.

05 Add 2 barrels of scale remover to continue spraying, add 2 more barrels when the efficacy disappears, and repeat the dosing until the scale is cleaned.

06 Finally, clean up the sewage in the bottom water tank, and close the tower to resume normal use.

Suggestion: After the closed tower is cleaned up, it is recommended to increase the scale inhibitor in the later period, with the dosage of 400G/T water.

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