What experience and methods do you have in using induction furnaces?

Nov 24, 2022


In the process of smelting metal, induction furnace uses electromagnetic induction process

In the process of smelting metal, induction furnace uses electromagnetic induction process, which saves energy and electricity, has no noise pollution, conforms to environmental protection production standards, and is very popular with users. However, some customers lack experience in the use of induction furnaces. Let's share with you here.

If it is a newly purchased electric furnace or an electric furnace that has been out of production for a long time, before starting production, we need to conduct an insulation test on the induction coil to check whether the coil is normal.

Before starting your electric furnace, check the furnace body, power supply, hydraulic pressure and cooling system to ensure that there is no problem with the equipment before starting the power supply.

The workers in front of the furnace must wear labor protection articles. Before the raw materials to be melted are put into the furnace, the medium frequency power of the electric furnace is reduced, and after the metal raw materials are put into the furnace, the power is gradually increased to the rated power.  

In the process of smelting, keep your focus. The workers need to pay attention to the change of the furnace body and deal with the problems found in time to prevent major accidents.

The maintenance personnel shall regularly check the water temperature and water pressure alarm system of the furnace body and power supply, and make records to ensure the normal operation of the water cooling system.

After the metal is melted, it is necessary to pour out the molten steel. At this time, you must remember to cut off the power supply and operate carefully to prevent the molten steel from splashing, so as to avoid fire.

If an emergency occurs during the production process, we can refer to our previous article: What should we do when the induction furnace is shut down?

Another piece of advice: Keep the control room clean and tidy, and don't bring food into the workplace. If rats are attracted, they may bite off the wires with their teeth and bring disaster to our production.

This is what Luoyang Shennai shares with you. Welcome to pay attention to us and learn more about induction furnace.