What should be paid attention to when feeding induction furnace?

Sep 21, 2022


Feeding of induction furnace is the basis to ensure the smooth metal smelting process.

Feeding of induction furnace is the basis to ensure the smooth metal smelting process. If the charging is not reasonable, it will increase the metal burning consumption, which will eventually lead to excessive power consumption and increase the input cost.

Therefore, it is important to know some knowledge about the feeding of induction furnace. Now Shen Nai will share some notes about feeding.

1. Different metal materials have different performance characteristics. For furnace materials with small density and low melting point, larger blocks, such as aluminum, can be used. The furnace materials with high density and high melting point, such as ferrotungsten, ferromolybdenum, micro carbon ferrochrome, must be broken into smaller blocks.

2. The size and frequency of furnace body determine the size of smelting materials. Large charge can be used for furnaces with low frequency and large capacity. For furnaces with higher frequency and smaller capacity, smaller blocks are required.

3. When feeding, try to ensure that the upper part is loose and the lower part is compact. When blanking, avoid wet and closed containers, which are easy to burst and cause severe safety accidents. When the bulk density of the upper metal is small, it is conducive to the downward movement of the smelting materials, can speed up the metal smelting, and ensure the stability of the heating efficiency.

4. When the induction furnace is working, the bottom and top are the low temperature areas of the furnace, which should be filled with materials that are easy to melt, and the middle is the temperature concentration area, which should be filled with materials with high melting point and high density. Sometimes the furnace lining cracks because of the wrong feeding sequence, so special attention should be paid.

This is some knowledge about charging of induction furnace that we have compiled for you. It should be noted that slag should be loaded at the bottom of the furnace before charging, so as to reduce air pollution.

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