Seven advantages of medium frequency furnace smelting, fast metal heating and high power

Nov 17, 2022

Metal smelting cannot be separated from the use of intermediate frequency furnace. Compared with other smelting equipment, intermediate frequency furnace has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, wide smelting materials, etc. The international requirements for environmental standards are getting higher and higher. The intermediate frequency furnace smelting has low pollution and high utilization rate. Therefore, more and more manufacturers choose to use the intermediate frequency furnace for metal smelting. Luoyang Shennai will introduce the advantages of intermediate frequency furnace smelting.

1. Fast heating speed

As the principle of induction heating of medium frequency furnace is electromagnetic induction, its heat is generated by the workpiece itself. This heating method has fast heating speed, little oxidation, good process repeatability, material saving and cost prolonging die life. The metal surface has only slight decolorization, and slight polishing can restore the mirror brightness of the surface, so as to effectively obtain constant and consistent material properties.

2. Easy to operate

The reduction of energy consumption can ensure the smooth and stable melting process and reduce the miscellaneous work of furnace workers. With high degree of automation, it can realize fully automatic unmanned operation and improve labor productivity. With the adoption of new technology, new materials and new processes, the performance and use effect of the medium frequency furnace are becoming increasingly perfect, and significant social and economic benefits have been obtained.

3. High temperature control accuracy

High temperature control accuracy, induction heating, its heat is generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform, ensuring the minimum temperature difference between the core and surface of the heated workpiece. The application of temperature control system can realize the accurate control of temperature, ensure the repeated accuracy of products, and improve the quality and qualification rate of products.

4. Good equipment performance

The original silicon controlled intermediate frequency device gives full play to its advantages of light weight, fast startup, power saving, fast melting speed, simple manufacturing process, etc., and adopts an automatic frequency tracking system, which can automatically adjust the frequency as the load changes without switching capacitors. In recent years, the intermediate frequency furnace adopts advanced IGBT frequency conversion induction heating device, with high element density, outstanding performance, better startup, more reliable use, simple and convenient maintenance, less floor space, and more advanced manufacturing technology.

5. Short smelting time

The furnace body and lining of the intermediate frequency furnace are made of new structure and new materials. The part close to the inductor coil is isolated with high insulating and high-strength materials, which greatly extends the service life of the crucible and furnace village, and makes it easier to replace the crucible. The heating efficiency of graphite crucible and quartz crucible is much higher than that of refractory crucible, which shortens the smelting time and greatly reduces the heat loss. The temperature of intermediate frequency furnace is 2600 ℃, which is especially suitable for smelting platinum, gold, k-gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals.

6. High power

The medium frequency furnace heats the metal by electromagnetic induction, so the temperature rises and melts quickly. It does not need starter blocks and residual metal liquid. It can be smelted only by adding scrap or small materials. It is very suitable for intermittent operation and frequent changes of metal grades. It has great adaptability and flexibility.

7. Low energy consumption

The medium frequency furnace has high heating efficiency. Compared with the coal furnace, workers will no longer be baked and smoked by the coal furnace in the hot sun, which effectively reduces energy consumption. It has high labor productivity, no pollution, and the equipment can meet the requirements of various indicators of the environmental protection department.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of intermediate frequency furnace smelting. The intermediate frequency furnace is not only welcomed by the processing industry, but also will play an important role in jewelry processing or product manufacturing with the continuous expansion of its application scope. Luoyang Shennai has 10 years of experience in the R&D and production of medium frequency furnaces. Its stability, speed and energy saving are not just about publicity. If you need more information, please leave a message or call us for consultation. We will invite you to visit the site to see the real effect.