Selection and Use of Graphite Crucible

Nov 07, 2022

In the metal hot processing industry, when electric furnace is used for heating, graphite crucible is used for smelting and casting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver and various rare metals.

Graphite crucible is a kind of refractory vessel, which is characterized by high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. It is an indispensable accessory of medium frequency electric furnace. A good graphite crucible can directly improve the smelting quality of electric furnace.

How to select graphite crucible for electric furnace? Today, Luoyang Shennai will share with you some methods for selecting graphite crucibles for medium frequency electric furnaces.

When selecting, the first thing to pay attention to is the size of the crucible, which should not be too large or too small, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the crucible.

There are many kinds of graphite crucibles when selecting the proper crucible materials. The silicon carbide graphite crucible is more popular now. The crucible is made by pressing and molding process, and its quality is generally better than that of graphite, with long service life and fast heat conduction.

After we choose the proper crucible, we should also conduct various inspections during use.

For example, check the surface of the graphite crucible for cracks. When using the crucible, the cracks have a great impact, and some cracks may even cause damage to the crucible.

Generally, cracks do not occur in the production process, but occur in the transportation process, causing cracks.

Therefore, when using the crucible, we should also be careful, pay attention to the surrounding environment, handle with care, impact or drop may cause damage to the product, making it unable to use normally.

At ordinary times, we should store the graphite crucible of the electric furnace in a dry place to avoid moisture or water.

The water may react with the material in the crucible under special conditions, affecting the performance of the material. If it is in the experiment, it will cause a large deviation in the experimental results. At the same time, the moisture will also affect the use performance of the crucible and affect the efficiency and process of the entire production.

This is the knowledge we shared today about the graphite crucible of electric furnace. I hope it can help you. Welcome to Luoyang Shennai, let us provide you with more furnace services.