Reactor is loud and dull, unstable and trembling when boosting

Jun 20, 2022

Fault phenomenon: the equipment can be started, but the voltage rise is not high. The reactor is very loud and dull. When the voltage rises, it is very unstable and trembling. From time to time, there is overcurrent or overvoltage fault, and sometimes the inverter tube is even burned, but it is good to disconnect the rectifier part of the inverter circuit.

Fault analysis and treatment: most of these faults are caused by reactor problems.

a. The inductance of the reactor is larger than that of the normal, and the magnetic circuit is saturated, which can not play the role of free wheeling filter, nor can it separate the current at the AC and DC ends. The number of turns of the reactor coil is more than that of the normal.

b. The air gap plate of reactor is thinner than normal, and the inductance becomes larger. At this time, the air gap plate should be thickened.

c. There is water seepage between turns of the reactor coil, and ignition discharge occurs due to the reduction of turn to turn insulation.