After drying the medium frequency furnace for a period of time, it is difficult to start the medium frequency furnace after shutdown

Jun 20, 2022

Fault phenomenon: for new smelting furnace or knotting diathermy furnace, it can be started at the beginning of oven drying, and the voltage can rise to the maximum value. However, after oven drying for a period of time, it is not easy to start after shutdown, and the voltage does not rise high after rising. Sometimes, it stops vibration or overcurrent by itself.

Fault analysis and treatment: most of these faults are caused by problems between inductor turns.

a. For the newly knotted smelting furnace, because the knotted material will produce a large amount of water during drying, a large amount of water droplets will accumulate between the inductor turns, resulting in the reduction of turn to turn insulation. At this time, the drying voltage should not be very high, and the voltage should be increased after drying.

b. Some inductor coils are directly knotted with knotting material without being immersed in insulating paint. This kind of furnace should pay more attention to the amount of moisture when drying.

c. After some knotting diathermy furnaces are used for a period of time, there will be a small gap in the knotting material. At this time, if the insulation of the inductor is not handled properly, a small amount of oxide skin will enter the turn to turn of the induction coil, resulting in turn to turn short circuit, which is easy to produce overcurrent. It is best to wind the inductor coil with mica tape, then dip it in paint, dry it, and finally tie the knot with good effect.