High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

  • Model    SN - 2*A
  • Power    25 KW
  • Frequency    30-80 KHZ
  • Voltage    Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz
  • Application    Small hardware heating applications, tool welding, diamond tool welding, small parts heat treatment, precious metals such as gold, silver and a small amount of melting, indicating heat treatment, etc


The principle of induction heating:

  • After the induction heating equipment outputs a strong alternating frequency current, a strong alternating magnetic field is generated through the induction coil
  • Under the action of the magnetic field, an eddy current is formed on the surface of the heated workpiece, which quickly heats the workpiece

A wide range of uses for induction heating equipment:

  • Welding (brazing, silver soldering, copper soldering)
  • Heat treatment (surface quenching)
  • Annealing (tempering, quenching and tempering)
  • Smelting (refining)
  • Heating (diathermy, hot forging, hot forming)
  • Thermal fit, thermal induction


  • Application and selection of heating power supply:

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Heating type Scope of application Frequency selection Power selection
Composite welding of drill bits, turning tools,
reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, etc. and
different materials for stainless steel pot bottoms.
Principle: The larger the welding volume,
the lower the frequency should be. For tools
with a volume smaller than 30*30*30, high
frequency can be used; if it is larger than
30*30*30, medium frequency can be used.
Principle: The larger the diameter of the
workpiece, the lower the frequency should be.
It depends on the specific workpiece
shape, material, solder, etc.
Fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware
tools, copper rods, hot upsetting and hot rolling
of twist drills, etc.
Above φ20, intermediate frequency (1-20KHZ)
φ5-20, high frequency (20-100KHZ)
Below φ5, UHF (100-500KHZ)
Select the appropriate power according to the
production efficiency. The higher the power,
the faster the speed. Consult the company’s
technical staff for details.
Quenching of shafts, gears, sprockets,
machine tool guide rail accessories, etc.
Principle: The shallower the hardened
layer is required for the workpiece,
the higher the frequency should be.
Ultra high 100-500KHZ below 1mm
1-2.5mm Super Audio 20-100KHZ
IF 1-20KHZ above 2.5mm;
Considering the workpiece shape, quenching
method, quenching hardness, hardened layer
requirements and materials etc., you can consult
the company’s technical personnel for details.
Metal wire and pipe annealing, hydraulic fittings,
auto fittings, knife scissors, stainless steel pot
annealing, etc.
Combined with the comprehensive consideration of workpiece
annealing requirements, annealing speed and materials, please
consult the company’s technical personnel for details.
It is mainly suitable for melting of steel, iron,
copper, aluminum, zinc and various precious
metals such as gold and silver.
Intermediate frequency;
small capacity optional high frequency
It depends on the furnace and
production efficiency.
Heating coating of aluminum-plastic pipes,
steel-plastic pipes, cables and wires:
aluminum drop seals for food, beverage,
and pharmaceutical industries.
On a case-by-case basis Depends on production speed,
material, temperature.

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Technical parameters of high frequency induction heating equipment
Model SY-15KW SY-2*B SY-30AB SY-3*B SY-40AB SY-60AB SY-80AB
Parameter All-in-one/Split All-in-one/Split Split Split Split Split Split
Input Voltage Single phase220V 3×380V
50 HZ /60HZ
Output Power 15KW 25KW 30KW 35KW 40KW 60KW 80KW
Output Oscillation


30-100 KHZ 30-80 KHZ
Oscillation Current (A) 200-800 200-1200 200-1400 400-1650 300-1800 300-2100 300-2400
Cooling Water Flow >6L/min >7L/min >9L/min
Heating Time 1-99s(automatic state

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  • Heating Frequency

The power supply is selected according to the power and frequency.

The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the heat penetration.

  • High Frequency Range :30-80kHz
  • UHF Frequency Range:200-1100kHz
  • IF Frequency Range:1-20kHz
  • Super Audio Frequency Range:20-50kHz

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Specifications Functional Specifications
All-in-one machine
The three processes of heating, heat preservation and cooling can be automatically converted.
The five parameters of heating power, holding power, heating time, holding time and cooling time can be adjusted independently.
It is suitable for applications that require more precise heating temperature, such as heat treatment.
Split machine
The frequency conversion transformer is led out separately and connected to the host with a flexible wire, the flexible wire is 1.5 meters.
Suitable for automatic assembly lines or manual field operations in applications with poor accessibility.

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Description and Advantages:

  • Adopts the latest MOSPET, IGBT power units and frequency conversion control techniques with high efficiency, low energy consumption and higher output power
  • With constant current and constant power control function to greatly optimize the heating process of metals, realize efficient and fast heating, and fully exert the superiority of the products
  • Power consumption is half of traditional electron tube high frequency induction heating equipments under same conditions
  • With 100% load design, can work in 24 hours without stop. Infrared temperature detector can be equipped to realize the automatic control of temperature, improve heating quality and simplify manual operation
  • With heating-insulating-cooling three stages function setting, the heating and insulating time required can be get to accommodate to the batched and repeated heating situations
  • With multiple status display of overflow, overvoltage, low water, phase failure and load malfunction, providing higher reliability and sustainability
  • Select power supply according to the power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the diathermancy

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