IGBT Induction Melting Furnace

  • Application Metal Smelting
  • Type Melting Furnace
  • Capacity 10-250Kg
  • Temperature 1500-1600℃




  • Infrared temperature sensor, temperature controller and water cooling system can also optional.
  • Three types of induction melting furnaces can be selected according to the way of pouring out, they are tilting furnace, push-up furnace and stationary furnace.
  • According to the method of tilting, tilting furnace is divided into three kinds: Manual tilting furnace, Electrical tilting furnace and Hydraulic tilting furnace.


  • IGBT induction melting furnace are mainly used for the melting of gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum and alloy materials, etc. melting capacity can be from 10-250kg


Technical Parameter

  • The table below lists the main models and recommended maximum melting abilities. First time About 50 to 60 minutes are needed to finish one melting process at cool status of the induction furnace, at hot status of the induction furnace, about 30 minutes are needed.

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Main Model Max input power Smelting capacity of commonly used materials
Steel ,iron , stainless steel Gold Copper ,silver ,tin Aluminum and aluminum alloy
SN-15 15KW 3KG 10KG 10KG 3KG
SN-25 25KW 5KG 20KG 20KG 5KG
SN-35 35KW 10KG 30KG 30KG 10KG
SN-45 45KW 18KG 50KG 50KG 18KG
SN-70 70KW 25KG 100KG 100KG 25KG
SN-90 90KW 40KG 120KG 120KG 40KG
SN-110 110KW 50KG 150KG 150KG 50KG
SN-160 160KW 100KG 250KG 250KG 100KG

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  • Basic parameters for reference only
  • If you want to know more, you can leave a message telling us what you need

Customer Site

IGBT Induction melting furnace selling point:

  • Adopt Simens IGBT power device.
  • Fast heating: the fastest heating is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled.
  • It has good Electromagnetic stirring stirring effect, which is conducive to the temperature of the smelting metal and the uniformity of the structure, which is beneficial to scumming and reducing impurities.
  • The frequency range can be from 1KHz to 30KHz, and the induction coil and matching capacitor box can be designed according to the specific requirements according to the melting amount.
  • High heating efficiency and low noise during operation.


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