40 Ton Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

  • Application  Manufacturing Plants, For Metal Casting, Rolling
  • Type     Metal Melting Furnace
  • Furnace Body Material     Steel Shell
  • Power  200KW-6500KW

Product Description


  •  Various capacity 0.1T -20T, fast melting speed, 40-60 minutes /pot.
  • Have self-test function, real-time supervise.
  • Have leaking alarm device, PLC control, easy to operate.
  • The control cabinet is standard of the automobile line, easy to maintain.
  • The water way uses carbon-free hose , water separetors and clips use 304 stainless steel.
  • Can meet 24 hours continuous work.
  • High efficiency , low cost , easy to maintain, energy saving ,safe and stability.

Steel Shell Furnace

  • Strong and durable, especially large capacity furnace body, need strong rigid structure, from the Angle of safety of tilting furnace, try to use steel shell furnace.
  • Magnetic yoke made of silicon steel sheet plays a role in shielding emission of magnetic field lines generated by induction coil,
  • reducing magnetic leakage, improving thermal efficiency, increasing production, saving 5%-8% of the operation.
  •  steel shell furnace due to less magnetic leakage, long service life of equipment.

  •  Medium frequency melting furnace is mainly used for smelting and refining various scrap metals such as steel, iron, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc.
  •  After smelting, scrap metal can be poured into molds for casting, or it can be rolled by rolling mill.

  • The melting furnace mainly composed of power control cabinet and melting furnace body.
  • The equipment can meet 24 hours of continuous work, it have self-test function and leaking alarm device, real-time detection of water temperature, water pressure, over-current, over-voltage, lack phase information.

IF Power Supply Cabinet:

  • The same multi power supply has the capacity of batch production of multiple single power supply.
  •  Arbitrary power allocation, starting rate of 100%.
  • Uninterrupted melting and precise temperature control for holding or superheating.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower:

  • It has enough rigidity, strength and good aging resistance.
  •  It has good flame retardant performance and meets relevant national and local standards and regulations.
  • Low operating noise, in line with environmental protection requirements.
  •  Uniform water distribution, less wall flow, not easy to plug.

Hydraulic pressure station:

  •  Including hydraulic pump station and tilting furnace operating table.
  • The hydraulic pump station is used to provide power to the tilting furnace.
  •  The rated working pressure of the pump station is 11Mpa.

Capacitor Bank :

  • The double-layer mica insulation technology is used for the insulation treatment of the capacitor.
  • Even if water is sprayed on the capacitor accidentally, the insulation strength of the cabinet can be ensured.


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Steel shell furnace parameter
Model 1T 1.5T 2T 3T 5T 8T 10T
Capacity 1~1.2T 1.5~1.7T 2~2.4T 3~3.5T 5~5.5T 8~8.5T 10~10.5T
Weight 4T 5T 7T 9T 16T 19T 22T
Power 630KW 1000KW 1500KW 2000KW 3000KW 5000KW 6500KW
Rated frequency 700Hz 500HZ 500Hz 500Hz 300Hz 300HZ 300HZ
Output dc voltage 890V 890V 1350V 1350V 1350V 2700V 2700V
Output dc current 707A 1123A 1110A 1480A 2222A 1850A 2410A
Melting speed 50min 50min 50min 50min 55min 55min 55min
Input dc current 576A 916A 907A 1208A 1810A 1510A 1967A
Consumption 580 580 550 520 510 500 500
Max output voltage 2500V 2500V 3300V 3300V 3300v 3500V 3500V
Power factor 0.92 0.92 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95
Voltage 660V 660V 1000V 1000V 1000V 1000V×2 1000V×2

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  • Basic parameters for reference only
  • If you want to know more, you can leave a message telling us what you need

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