Performance advantages and application fields of electric furnace

Nov 07, 2022


The electric furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to realize the heat treatment of metal

The electric furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to realize the heat treatment of metal, which is a device that is highly trusted by users. Today, Luoyang Shennai summarizes the performance advantages of the induction furnace and its application fields.

First, performance. During the design of the induction furnace, the control circuit board is optimized by the computer, and the large-scale integrated circuit is optimized and combined. It has perfect protection systems for overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, water shortage, phase loss, voltage and current limiting, thus ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment.

The system is controlled by a constant power circuit. During production, the voltage and current are automatically adjusted and set quickly with the change of furnace charge. It does not require too much manual adjustment, and the operation process is simple.

In the process of smelting metal, the electric furnace has its own electromagnetic stirring function, which makes melting temperature rise fast, furnace temperature easy to control, and productivity high.

In order to ensure the safe use of the electric furnace, monitoring and diagnostic systems can also be added to the whole set of equipment. In case of overcurrent, overvoltage, water shortage, overheating and other conditions in the electric furnace, the automatic protection function can instantly disconnect the external circuit to ensure the reliability and safety of the machine.

Next, let's look at the application fields of electric furnaces.

Induction furnace is widely used for smelting metal, mainly used for smelting ferrous materials such as steel, alloy steel, grade steel, cast iron, etc; And zinc, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

At the same time, the electric furnace also has the functions of temperature rise and heat preservation, and can operate with the blast furnace. To realize the quenching and annealing of metal parts, the final products are as follows:

Standard metal parts, such as production gears, machine tool guides, various metal tools, ductile iron, etc.

Electric furnaces can also be used to process and manufacture various metal pipes, such as aluminum plastic pipes, steel plastic pipes, cables, etc.

This is the knowledge about electric furnace shared by Luoyang Shennai today. I hope it can help you. Welcome to Luoyang Shennai, let us provide you with more furnace services.