How to use intermediate frequency furnace in summer

Sep 28, 2022

For many manufacturers using induction furnaces, summer and winter are seasons that need attention. The high temperature in summer will make the smelting furnace which is originally working at high temperature prone to problems, such as capacitor failure, equipment stop working, and affect normal production. below

Luoyang Shennai will introduce the precautions for safe use of smelting furnace in summer.

1、 Influence of high temperature weather on smelting furnace

1. The working environment of the induction coil is high temperature and high heat. Although it is surrounded by high temperature resistant refractory materials, it needs some maintenance for long-term use. The weather temperature in summer has little influence on the high temperature working environment of the medium frequency electric furnace.

2. The water system is blocked, the circulating water temperature is too high, and the system enters debris, causing scaling and water blocking. The failure of silicon burning and reactor burning causes unnecessary losses.

3. The electricity consumption is too high, and the users using electric furnaces generally have a great demand for electricity. In summer, it is the peak period of electricity consumption, and cost saving is a problem that every steelmaking plant needs to consider. The smelting furnace is the main power of the steelmaking plant, and the reduction of its power consumption can greatly reduce the power consumption of the plant.

2、 Precautions for smelting in summer

1. Clean the waterway regularly

The induction coil is cooled by water, which requires high water quality. Generally, purified water is required, and tap water cannot be used. It is easy to cause scale inside the copper tube and block the copper tube, causing unnecessary trouble. It is necessary to clean the water circuit regularly. Before descaling, the smelting furnace should be shut down

After the power supply of the furnace is cut off, the scale remover can be used. Generally, the detergent should be added into clean water to stir and dissolve, and then put into the medium frequency power supply water circuit to circulate for two hours. If the circulation time is properly extended when the scaling is serious, there is sufficient time to dissolve.

2. Water cooling circulating water

Circulating water cooling system usually has two forms: water cooling and air cooling. Under normal conditions, the cooling capacity of water cooling is relatively strong. Under the condition that the water cooling system is completely closed, it is better to solve the high temperature weather in summer, but the distilled water in the cooling system needs to be added and replaced regularly for maintenance

The nutrient content is relatively large. The air cooling system uses fans to cool the circulating water, which occupies a large area and has relatively small cooling capacity. It is not suitable for the hot summer climate, so it is rarely used.

3. Reduce power consumption and save energy

Select an appropriate induction furnace. If the furnace body is too large or too small, it may increase power consumption. Generally, high voltage can save energy than low voltage. The casting time also affects the power consumption, which is better controlled within 5~10 minutes. At the same time, it is also necessary to accurately control the temperature of molten iron. Do not allow the temperature to be too high or the local temperature of the furnace body to be too high

Energy consumption and lining life are unfavorable, and a good furnace worker can save electricity and achieve high efficiency.

The above is an introduction to the precautions for smelting in summer. In addition to paying attention to the state of the smelting furnace at all times, it is also necessary to pay attention to the health of employees to avoid heatstroke due to excessive temperature.

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