What parameters need to be determined during sensor design?

Jun 20, 2022

When designing the inductor, it is necessary to know the material, size, temperature and productivity of the workpiece in advance. Based on this information, the following parameters are determined:

1. Current frequency. The current frequency can be determined according to the given blank section size. (reference for determination method: selection of current frequency)

2. The power required to heat the blank at the specified productivity can be determined according to the unit power consumption and metal weight: p=gw

P - power required to heat the blank to ensure the specified productivity;

G - the weight of the heated metal, depending on the blank size and the productivity required by the induction heating device (kg/ h);

W - unit electric energy consumption, reference value 0.35kwh/kg.

3. Output voltage.

4. Resistance coefficient of the blank.

5. Heating time (factors to be considered in determining induction heating time)

6. The inner diameter of the inductor shall ensure that the blank, thermal insulation, electrical insulation and guide rail for blank sliding can be put down.