What daily maintenance should be done for the medium frequency furnace

Jul 08, 2022

In order to ensure the use effect of the medium frequency furnace and extend the service life of the medium frequency furnace, it is necessary to regularly maintain and inspect the medium frequency furnace. Routine maintenance can be carried out from the following aspects:

1. Check and clean the radiator to maintain efficient cooling effect, and carry out pickling if necessary;

2. Check whether the water cooling system has blockage and water leakage, whether the water pressure relay is sensitive, and the inlet water temperature difference should generally not be greater than 35 ℃;

3. Check the insulation of the induction coil and whether there is water leakage;

4. Check whether the wires and switches are damaged;

5. Check and clean the water tank, check the drain valve, and discharge some sewage to prevent scaling;

6. Clean the oil and dust of electrical components and other equipment, and clean the dust with a fan or leather tiger;

7. Check whether the wiring screws are tightened to ensure good contact;

8. Check whether the thyristor, electrical circuit bus, transformer and each section are overheated.