Knotting method of medium frequency furnace lining

Jul 08, 2022

There are two knotting methods of crucible induction furnace lining: wet knotting and dry knotting. Both methods can be used for knotting of acid furnace lining, neutral furnace lining and alkaline furnace lining.

Wet knotting refers to knotting by adding water, sodium silicate, brine and other adhesives to the lining knotting material. As the knotting material contains certain moisture, there is less dust and good formability during construction. However, wet knotting also has a series of disadvantages: the knotting lining material is not dense enough, and the fire resistance of the lining decreases; The drying of furnace lining takes a long time; When the moisture in the furnace lining is vaporized, the insulation performance of the inductor will be reduced. Poor treatment often leads to the breakdown of inter turn fire and may also cause grounding short circuit. Therefore, wet knotting of furnace lining should be avoided for large smelting furnaces.

At present, dry-type furnace building method is widely used in furnace building of crucible induction furnace. The dry-type furnace building method without cementing agent can give full play to the fire resistance of furnace lining materials to a great extent, make the sintering layer of furnace lining thinner, the powdery layer thicker, reduce the heat loss of furnace lining, reduce the tendency of furnace lining cracks, and improve the safety and reliability of furnace lining.