Temperature introduction of SCR in medium frequency furnace

Jul 04, 2022

Many people who have operated the medium frequency electric furnace know that the thyristor is an important component in the medium frequency electric furnace, and the operation of the medium frequency electric furnace is closely related to the temperature. Therefore, if you want to know whether the parts of the medium frequency electric furnace are in good working conditions, you can observe the working conditions of the parts through the temperature.

The factory standard temperature of the thyristor is 100 degrees Celsius. Generally, the water temperature of the medium frequency electric furnace should be kept below 40 degrees Celsius to ensure the normal operation of the thyristor. The hand-held infrared temperature measuring instrument plays a very important role. The temperature measuring instrument at 350 ℃ is only a few hundred yuan, and the price is relatively reasonable. Using this instrument to measure the temperature of the thyristor of the working power supply and the temperature of the radiator can be controlled. If the temperature is abnormal, these faults can be handled in time.

The radiator of thyristor includes water-cooled cavity and multi copper column, which support the main work of thyristor. It will scale in the water chamber, which will cause poor heat dissipation. If debris such as leaves enter the water chamber, it will also cause blocked water flow.

The working platform of the radiator must match the size and size of the working platform of the components, so as to prevent the components from being flattened or distorted. Therefore, the radiator table must have a relatively high position and a flat and smooth operating surface, so as to keep the medium frequency electric furnace clean.

When installing, it is necessary to keep the thyristor element and radiator synchronized, parallel and in the same center, so that the waste of power can be reduced in the installation process, and good results can be achieved by manual use.