Simple treatment method of coil burn through in medium frequency furnace

Nov 12, 2021

During the use of medium frequency furnace, the induction coil is often burned through. There are two main reasons: one is that the induction coil is burned through due to the overflow of molten iron after the furnace lining is burned through; Second, during pouring, the operation is careless or the furnace mouth is too short, and the splashed molten iron adheres to the induction coil to burn it through.

After the induction coil is burned through, the cooling water will overflow, and the boiler must be shut down immediately for repair. Since the induction coil is installed in the furnace shell, it is inconvenient to weld and repair, so it needs to be removed during repair. The previous induction coil repair process is as follows: furnace tilting and tapping → furnace shutdown → cooling → removing the furnace lining → taking out the coil → coil welding repair → installing the coil → building a new furnace lining → drying out → opening the furnace. This repair method wastes at least one furnace lining, three shifts of man hours, and more power.

In fact, in view of the above situation, the furnace can be stopped temporarily, and at the same time, the copper sheet with a thickness of 1 ~ 2mm can be cut into small pieces, whose area is slightly larger than the area of the burned through part of the induction coil, and then the residue at the burned through part of the induction coil can be removed with a saw blade or hand grinding wheel, polished with sandpaper, quickly mix the setting epoxy resin with the curing agent, and stick the trimmed copper sheet at the burned through part of the coil, After a few minutes of planting, the epoxy resin can be cured to form a high bond strength. At this time, the furnace can be restarted. The repair process of this method is as follows: furnace tipping and tapping → furnace shutdown → furnace lining maintenance → coil bonding → furnace startup. Compared with the traditional welding repair, this repair process also saves a furnace lining, a lot of man hours and oven power. It can save energy effectively.