Repair technology of medium frequency furnace lining

Jul 18, 2022

For the repair of the lining of the intermediate frequency smelting furnace, when there are several damages in the lining of the intermediate frequency furnace, it must be repaired to prolong the service life of the lining and prevent accidents caused by the damage of the lining. The repair parts and methods of furnace lining are as follows:

(1) Repair of cracks or damages at the joint between the taphole refractory and the furnace wall. Amorphous refractory materials can be used to push and repair, and charcoal should be used to dry when the repair range is large.

(2) The cracks on the side wall are generally repaired, and the cracks below 1m need not be repaired and can continue to be used; Cracks above 1 mm, especially horizontal cracks, must be repaired. It can be filled with iron wire and other tools after screening the furnace building refractory added with boric acid and evenly mixed. The filled surface shall be smoothed with wet mixed sand with sodium silicate.

(3) Repair of side wall damage or small-scale erosion. After removing slag and residual iron, apply water glass. Then pat and repair with mixed refractory added with 5%-6% water glass, or repair with a1,0: amorphous refractory. When the erosion range is slightly larger, the mold shall be put into repair.

(4) Repair of burning or damage at the bottom and the inclined part of the side wall. The repair of the bottom of the furnace can be tamped by adding the same amount of boric acid as the newly built furnace and mixing evenly with the refractories of the medium frequency furnace.

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