Induction Heating Furnace

  • Application    Heating gears, half shafts, steel plate, square steel,stainless steel and large billet.
  • Type    Metal heating
  • Heating temperature     200-1300 degree
  • Supply Ability     30 Set/Sets per Quarter induction heating furnace


Applications of induction heating furnace

  • Induction heating furnace is mainly used for heating gears, half shafts, steel plate, square steel, stainless steel and large billet.
  • Can be used in steel mills and metal fabricators. For forging heating industry, casting and melting industry, hot stamping industry and metal rolling heating industry.


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Horizontal induction heating furnace parameter table
Rated frequency
Transformer capacity
Secondary voltage
pulse number
Inductor voltage
Square steel model
10000KW 70~1500 12500 φ1500V 24Pulse 2800V 300(KW.h/t) 200×200×6000
8000KW 80~1500 10000 φ1250V 24Pulse 2800V 320(KW.h/t) 150×150×6000
5000KW 80~1500 6000 Φ1250V 12 Pulse 2800V 340(KW.h/t) 130×130×6000
3000KW 400~1500 3500 Φ950V 12 Pulse 2800V 350(KW.h/t) 100×100×6000
2000KW 500~1000 2200 φ660V-380V 12 Pulse 1200
360(KW.h/t) 80×80×3000
1500KW 500~1000 1600 φ660V-380V 12 Pulse 1200
370(KW.h/t) 70×70×3000
1000KW 500~1000 1250 φ660V-380V 6 Pulse 1200
380(KW.h/t) 60×60×1500
800KW 500~8000 630 3φ380V 6 Pulse 1200
450(KW.h/t) 60×60×1200

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The above parameters are commonly used parameters
The specific situation can be customized according to customer requirements



  • The operation is simple, and the general worker can operate it within a few minutes.
  • The machine is small and easy to move.
  • The heating speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, there is no preheating, and it starts when heating.
  • Induction heating furnace precisely controls heating speed and temperature


Customer case:

  • Steel Rebar Rolling Mill Production Line

    Applicable Industries   Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant Type   Hot Rolling Mill Usage   Hot Rolling Steel Bar Output size   3 – 40 mm Dimension(L*W*H)   Customize according to customer requirements

  • Steel Billets Continuous Casting Machine

    Application    Casting Industries Machine Type    Continuous casting machine Dimension(L*W*H)        R5.25

  • High Frequency Heating Equipment

    Model    SN – 80 AB Power    80 KW Frequency    30-80 KHZ Voltage    Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz Application    Small hardware heating applications, tool welding, diamond tool welding, small parts heat treatment, precious metals such as gold, silver and a small amount of melting, indicating heat treatment, etc

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