Billet Heating Furnace

  • Type      Metal heating
  • Heating temperature      200-1300 degree
  • Application      Heating gears, half shafts, heating round steel, square steel, steel pipe, aluminum rod and copper rod.
  • Supply Ability      30 Set/Sets per Quarter induction heating furnace


Applications of billet heating furnace  

  • The billet heating furnace is mainly used for billet heating, but also suitable for heating round steel, square steel, steel pipe, aluminum rod and copper rod.
  • Can be used in steel mills and metal fabricators. Casting heating industry, round steel quenching and tempering heating industry, casting and melting industry, hot stamping industry and metal rolling heating industry.


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Longitudinal induction heating furnace parameter table
Rated frequency
Transformer capacity
Secondary voltage
pulse number
Inductor voltage
Bar diameter
10000KW 70~1500HZ)
Dual frequency
12500KVA φ950V 12 Pulse 2800V 300(KW.h/t) 2500-1500
8000KW 80~1500HZ)
Dual frequency
10000KVA φ950V 12 Pulse 2800V 320(KW.h/t) 1500-1200
5000KW 801500HZ)
Dual frequency
6000KVA φ850V 12 Pulse 2800V 340(KW.h/t) 1000-1200
3000KW 400~1500HZ)
Dual frequency
3500KVA φ850V 12 Pulse 2800V 350(KW.h/t) 800-1000
2000KW 500~1000(HZ) 2200KVA φ660V-380V 12 Pulse 1200(800)V 360(KW.h/t) 400-800
1500KW 500~1000(HZ) 1600 KVA φ660V-380V 12 Pulse 1200(800)V 370(KW.h/t) 250-400
1000KW 500~1000(HZ) 1250 KVA φ660V-380V 6 Pulse 1200(800)V 380(KW.h/t) 150-250
500 KW 500~8000(HZ) 630 KVA 3φ380V 6 Pulse 800V 450(KW.h/t) 120-150
200 KW 1000~8000(HZ) 315 KVA 3φ380V 6 Pulse 800V 450(KW.h/t) 40-60
100 KW 1000~8000(HZ) 160 KVA 3φ380V 6 Pulse 800V 450(KW.h/t) 25-40
80 KW 1000~8000(HZ) 100 KVA 3φ380V 6 Pulse 800V 400(KW.h/t) 6-35

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The above parameters are commonly used parameters
The specific situation can be customized according to customer requirements



  • The operation is simple, and the general worker can operate it within a few minutes.
  • The machine is small and easy to move.
  • The heating speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, there is no preheating, and it starts when heating.
  • Induction heating furnace precisely controls heating speed and temperature


Customer factory:

  • Steel Rebar Rolling Mill Production Line

    Applicable Industries   Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant Type   Hot Rolling Mill Usage   Hot Rolling Steel Bar Output size   3 – 40 mm Dimension(L*W*H)   Customize according to customer requirements

  • Pit Type Furnace

    Application Metal heat treatment Type  Resistance/tempering/gas carburizing heat treatment furnace voltage 380V  

  • Cross Flow Closed Cooling Tower

    Type   Closed cross flow cooling tower Advantages   Low operating noise Applicable Industries   Manufacturing Plant, Energy & Mining, Mlting casting,Car industry  

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