Preheating method and precautions of induction furnace

Sep 21, 2022

When the induction furnace is working, it is easy to cause accidents such as splashing due to moisture on the crucible wall, which will lay hidden dangers for the operator's personal safety. How to avoid similar hidden dangers? A common practice is to warm up. Today we will give you a brief introduction.

The first is the process of preheating.

1. When using the induction furnace, preheat the crucible to about 200 ℃ for 30 minutes without feeding, and dry it for 60 minutes. This is to volatilize the water on the surface of the crucible and prevent explosion at the beginning of use.

2. After preheating, the crucible shall be heated to 900 ℃ - 1000 ℃ (about 2 hours) as soon as possible, kept at the temperature for 20-30 minutes, and then restored to the temperature when metal smelting is required. This is done so that the crucible can quickly pass through the temperature area that is easy to be oxidized.

3. After each preheating, it is only necessary to keep the electric furnace running. Unless the furnace is shut down or the crucible is damped again, it is not necessary to preheat again.

There are also some inspection precautions.

1. Check the bottom and inner wall of the crucible carefully, and repair the dents and cracks in time if found.

2. Check the furnace top, nozzle and cover plate. If sand falls and looseness is found, repair and fasten them.

3. Check the induction coil. If iron filings and other sundries are found on it, they should be cleaned immediately.

4. Check the connecting bolts between the induction coil and the insulation column. If any looseness or falling off is found, all bolts shall be repaired and fastened in time.

5. Check the whole water cooling circulating system, focusing on the water cooling cable, to ensure that the water supply is smooth and there is no leakage.

6. Check the mechanical operation of furnace body turnover, which is very important for safety production. If any fault is found, it shall be eliminated in time.

This is the knowledge about preheating of induction furnace. Many enterprises do not pay attention to these details during the production of electric furnace, which will cause some production accidents. I hope our summary today can help you.

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