Operating Instructions for Intermediate Frequency Furnace

Dec 15, 2022


 Safety operation procedures before blowing in

1. Safety operation procedures before blowing in:

(1)The furnace chief and bench worker on duty shall inspect the furnace body, power supply, hydraulic pressure and cooling system before opening the furnace, and notify the electrician on duty to power on after ensuring that the equipment is in good condition.

(2)After high-voltage power transmission, the electrician in front of the furnace shall strictly follow the operation steps of the intermediate frequency furnace step by step.

(3)When the new furnace is opened or the production is resumed after a month of shutdown, the induction coil shall be subject to insulation test.

(4)Turn on the hydraulic oil pump motor and check whether it can start and work normally.

2.Furnace opening:

(1)During feeding, sealed containers and inflammable and explosive articles are strictly prohibited from entering the furnace to prevent explosion accidents.

(2)The operator in front of the furnace must wear labor protection articles, reduce the medium frequency power before feeding, and gradually increase it to the rated power after feeding. It is strictly forbidden to leave the post or do private work during operation. When tapping molten iron, the power supply must be cut off. It is strictly prohibited to tap steel (iron) with electricity. Monitor the operation of the hydraulic pump and check whether there is molten iron splashing to all parts of the basement. Once it is found that molten iron splashes to the basement, it is necessary to put out the fire in time to avoid fire.

(3)In the process of feeding, less materials shall be added frequently. Once the furnace body is frozen, it shall be handled in time before being energized for temperature rise. It is strictly prohibited to feed materials at high altitude and beyond the capacity to prevent overflowing of molten iron. Operators shall avoid accidents during feeding.

(4)In the smelting process, fitters and electricians on duty need to strengthen the inspection of equipment, find faults in time, and control the occurrence of faults.

(5)During the use of the equipment, in case of any fault alarm, the electrician on duty shall be notified in time for inspection. When the cause of the fault is not found, it is strictly forbidden to reset the power supply to prevent the accident caused by the expansion of the fault.

(6)The furnace director on duty shall pay close attention to the change of furnace body and wall, deal with the problems found in a timely manner, and make records. It is strictly prohibited to take risks to prevent major accidents.

(7)The water temperature and water pressure alarm systems of the furnace body and power supply system shall be checked and tested frequently to ensure their effectiveness.

(8)In case of water leakage and arcing in the furnace body and electric cabinet, repair can be carried out after disconnecting the power supply. The power supply control must be hung with a warning sign to prevent misoperation.

(9)During smelting, in case of steel leakage and furnace penetration accidents, the power supply shall be cut off first, the cooling water source shall be turned off, and the molten steel in the furnace shall be quickly dumped into the furnace pit (the furnace pit shall be confirmed to be dry).

(10)In case of sudden power failure during normal production, the emergency production plan shall be followed.

(11)The equipment maintenance personnel shall timely perform the daily maintenance and repair of the equipment, and make relevant records to improve the serviceability of the equipment.

(12)Generally, the water cooling system is in the open state. In case of boiler shutdown, the water cooling system shall ensure water supply for at least 12 hours after all molten iron is poured out, until the furnace body is completely cooled.

(13)Keep the control room clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to bring food into the room for eating, so as not to cause rat damage and break the control panel line.

This is the knowledge Shen Nai shared with you about ensuring the safe operation of the intermediate frequency furnace. I hope it can help you.