Importance of cooling system for medium frequency furnace

Jun 29, 2022


During the operation of the intermediate frequency furnace, the electric furnace coil, yoke, water-cooled cable

During the operation of the intermediate frequency furnace, the electric furnace coil, yoke, water-cooled cable, power cabinet and other components carrying large current need water cooling. The cooling water system is the key system in the intermediate frequency furnace device and an important part to ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment.

1、 Equipment cooling requirements

1. Supply water according to the water supply pressure and flow specified in the "instructions for use" of the equipment.

2. Try to use industrial softened water -- pH value: 7.2 ~ 8.0

3. It is better to ensure that the power supply cooling and furnace cooling are supplied by the special cooling tower respectively. In particular, the power supply shall be cooled by water water exchanger or closed cooling tower.

4. As the acidity of the water and the content of calcium and magnesium impurities gradually increase, corrosion or scale will occur, affecting the heat dissipation effect and service life of the heat exchanger. The cooling equipment should be cleaned in time.

5. Pressure gauge, temperature gauge, water pressure regulating switch and other elements are installed at the inlet and outlet of the water cooler of the inductor and water cooling cable to monitor the cooling water system. When it is lower than the set value, an audible and visual alarm can be sent.

6. The main cooling water inlet pipe of the furnace body is equipped with a manual butterfly valve. In order to save energy and cooling water consumption, the total cooling water inlet is adjusted in winter and summer and in the two stages of molten iron melting and insulation, so as to reduce the heat taken away by the cooling water from the furnace body and reduce the power consumption.

2、 The water circulation users of medium frequency electric furnace power supply and furnace body shall consider installing emergency water source. The methods are as follows:

1. Install the standby generator set, install the standby generator set with a certain capacity, and the water pump control switch of the equipment can freely switch the power supply of the power grid and the generator set (note that the power grid and the generator set cannot be connected at the same time, otherwise it is easy to burn the generator set). In case of power failure, the generator set can be started to drive the boiler circulating water pump to continue to work. The medium frequency power supply shall be equipped with two water pumps, one as the main water pump and the other as the standby water pump, which shall be controlled by the valve. When the motor of one water pump is burnt out, it can be switched to the other water pump for operation.

2. A water storage tank is installed at the height of the house and connected to the water inlet end of the furnace body through a valve. The water inlet of the furnace body can automatically connect the water in the water pool and the water in the water tank through the valve. In case of sudden power failure, the boiler body water circulation can be switched to the water tank circulating water system through the valve. The water flow is not too large through the valve control, which can make the outlet water temperature of the furnace body not open. This can effectively prevent the carbonization of furnace insulation rod due to power failure and water shortage.