How to make the induction furnace last longer?

Sep 07, 2022


Induction furnace is one of the most commonly used metal smelting equipment

Induction furnace is one of the most commonly used metal smelting equipment, An easy-to-use induction furnace is often very expensive. So, what's the way to make us feel

How long does the electric furnace last?

1. The selection of suitable lining materials should correspond to the material properties of the melted metal.

2. Adopt appropriate furnace building and knotting process, such as sintering process of furnace materials and appropriate furnace building tools.

3. Use supporting cooling devices, such as cooling towers, to improve the service life of various circuit components in the electrical cabinet.

4. Adopting a reasonable smelting process can not only make the operation simple and efficient, but also make the electric furnace more energy-saving in the production process.

5. The daily inspection of induction furnace, such as regular detection of rated voltage and current, is the key to increase the service life of the equipment.

If we want to extend the service life of the equipment, we need to pay more attention to these details, so as to improve the productivity of induction furnaces, reduce production costs and create more value.