Difference between KGPS and IGBT

Jun 24, 2022

1. quality stability

First of all, KGPS medium frequency furnace is the most mature product. At present, companies such as shennai electric furnace have developed large steel shell medium frequency furnace with a capacity of more than 30 tons, while IGBT medium frequency furnace has developed much later than KGPS medium frequency furnace. At present, the more mature medium frequency furnace is realized with a capacity of less than 1 ton. Therefore, objectively speaking, the quality stability of KGPS medium frequency furnace is higher than that of IGBT medium frequency furnace.

2. energy saving

IGBT medium frequency furnace is the most developed furnace in the later stage. Its biggest advantage is reflected in energy saving. According to the comparison between the working data of 1 ton KGPS produced by shennai electric furnace and IGBT medium frequency electric furnace, IGBT is generally 20% more energy-saving than KGPS. However, as we all know, the high-voltage machine of KGPS medium frequency furnace is also designed to save power. It has a good effect in energy saving and convenience (of course, it can not be compared with IGBT), but the price is much cheaper.

3. price

According to the quotation of Luoyang shennai Power Equipment Co., Ltd., it is obvious that KGPS medium frequency furnace is relatively cheap. The reason is that the cost of IGBT medium frequency furnace is relatively high and the component price is high. Generally, IGBT is about twice as expensive as KGPS. Of course, the prices of maintenance parts will be higher in the future. There is no difference in other aspects.

I. thyristor medium frequency power supply, i.e. crystal tube, which is often referred to as kgps The advantages of this kind of power supply are mature technology, reliable quality and low price. The disadvantages are that the electrical efficiency is 10-20% lower than that of IGBT medium frequency power supply. In addition, the harmonics of the rectifier have an impact on the user's power grid system, which will damage other equipment in the power grid in serious cases

2、 IGBT medium frequency power supply, which has a short development cycle in China, has the advantage of high electrical efficiency, generally up to 90% Therefore, it saves 10-20% electricity than SCR power supply, and has little impact on the power grid. The disadvantage is that the technical maturity is lower than SCR power supply, and the price is higher However, from the perspective of long-term power saving effect, it is quite cost-effective to purchase IGBT power supply. Because you can buy one or two more such devices for the electricity saved in a year.

3、 In terms of volume, the crystal tube and KGPS SCR medium frequency power supply are relatively larger than the IGBT medium frequency power supply in terms of the same power. In fact, most IGBT induction equipment have a frequency above 10kHz, while the SCR medium frequency equipment has a frequency below 10kHz

4、 The frequency of the thyristor (KGPS) medium frequency power supply is small, but the power can be relatively large. Some foreign countries can achieve 4000kW. The IGBT intermediate frequency power supply has a high frequency, which makes its power impossible to be as high as that of KGPS intermediate frequency power supply. With the development of science and technology, nothing is so. People are trying to develop high-power heating equipment with IGBT power supply. At present, the United States seems to have induction heating equipment with IGBT power of 1000kW and frequency of 50KHz