What’s the matter with the total burning of intermediate frequency transformer?

Jun 29, 2022

Fault phenomenon: the intermediate frequency transformer is burnt out. Restart the equipment after replacement, and the intermediate frequency transformer is still burnt out.

Fault analysis and treatment: this kind of fault is common in equipment with boost load, which is mainly caused by the false connection and open circuit of discharge inductance. In the step-up load, the voltage at both ends of the series capacitor bank and the parallel capacitor bank cannot be absolutely consistent. When the two groups of compensation capacitors discharge, due to the inconsistent terminal voltage, the discharge time is also different. Therefore, the discharge time of the high voltage is slow, and the charging process is started when the capacitor bank is not fully discharged, and the DC charge will be accumulated on the capacitor bank, These DC charges shall be released through the discharge inductance. If the discharge inductance is open, the DC charges accumulated on the capacitor will be released through the intermediate frequency transformer. Because the capacity of the intermediate frequency transformer is very small, it can not withstand such a large current flow, causing the intermediate frequency transformer to burn out.