The features, structure and working principle of gold melting furnace are introduced in detail

May 28, 2022

Many friends about the gold melting furnace don't know what it is used for. Recently, they have received a lot of relevant consultations. Luoyang shennai sorted out the problems mentioned by friends and introduced the characteristics, structure and working principle of the gold melting furnace in detail.

Characteristics of gold melting furnace:

1. The gold melting furnace is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency and low in power consumption;

2. Low temperature around the furnace, less dust and good natural working environment;

3. The actual operation and processing technology are simple and reliable;

4. Uniform heating temperature, less ablation and symmetrical composition of metal materials;

5. High cost performance of castings, rapid melting and heating, easy temperature control and high manufacturing efficiency;

6. The gold melting furnace has high utilization rate and convenient replacement.

7. The gold melting furnace is equipped with 50KW air refrigerator, reactive power compensation cabinet and furnace wall.

Structure of gold melting furnace:

The gold melting furnace includes high-frequency power cabinet and furnace wall. It is a gold melting furnace rotating by hydraulic press, which is conducive to designated casting. When casting parts, raw materials can be reduced and labor efficiency can be reduced.

Working principle of gold melting furnace:

Magnetic effect heating of variable frequency current or magnetic induction heating is a way to convert DC power supply into power supply of specific frequency band and then heat metal composites by using the basic principle of electromagnetism. It is mainly used for heating, heat treatment, electric welding and melting of metal materials. This kind of heating technology can also be used in the packaging field (the sealing of aluminum and platinum in the pharmaceutical industry, food, etc.) and the basic composition of the magnetic induction heating system software for semiconductor devices (such as Lashin photovoltaic cells, automobile windshield heating and adhesive metal products, etc.) including the magnetic induction coil, communication AC power supply and product workpiece. According to different heating targets, the magnetic induction coil can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected with the power supply. The power supply is the magnetic field that the coil gives current. The magnetic field according to the current of the coil causes an alternating electromagnetic field according to the product workpiece. The electromagnetic field causes the worker to create a vortex to heat.