Installation site requirements of medium frequency furnace

Jul 05, 2022

The medium frequency furnace is a power supply device that converts 50Hz AC power frequency into medium frequency. The following is an introduction to the installation site requirements of the medium frequency furnace.

Please provide the site drawing and some requirements or technical parameters of the site first, and the experts will design the detailed site installation layout; Requirements of the equipment on the foundation: flat cement ground, without fixing or slightly fixing; The equipment should be placed outdoors in a ventilated, sunny and cool place as far as possible; The user is responsible for the installation materials of the equipment, the required civil works and necessary tools. Our party will come to the site to guide the installation and commissioning, and conduct on-site operation training. If users have special requirements, they can be negotiated by the supplier and the demander at the time of ordering.

In addition to complying with the equipment installation instructions, the installation site of medium frequency furnace shall also meet the following conditions:

1. The installation site shall have hoisting and transportation equipment with hoisting capacity.

3. The water supply conditions shall meet the requirements of the cooling system, and a standby water source shall be set for use in case of sudden water cut-off;

4. The copper bar from the intermediate frequency power supply to the water-cooled cable connection should be the shortest, especially the capacitor cabinet should be as close to the furnace as possible;

5. The transformer and closed water circulation system shall be left empty according to the requirements of the manufacturer's technicians;

6. The internal and external walls of water and oil pipes prepared on site shall be derusted and cleaned;

7. The pipes and metal structures in the workshop should be far away from the high current conductors of the furnace to avoid additional eddy current losses.