Comparison of energy saving and cost between series inverter and parallel inverter

Feb 18, 2022

With the continuous innovation of induction heating technology, high energy saving and low cost have become the development direction of induction heating equipment and the goal of induction heating technicians. The series inverter also plays a more and more important role.

Next, taking 500kW diathermy equipment as an example, we compare thyristor series inverter, thyristor parallel inverter and IGBT Series Inverter in terms of power consumption, power factor and equipment price.

Inverter circuitHeating temperature(kwh/T)Power factorPrice
Thyristor series inverter1250℃320-3500.98$20,550
Thyristor parallel inverter1250℃400-4500.8-0.9$11,060
IGBT Series Inverter1250℃320-3500.98$26,870

It can be seen from the above table that in terms of energy saving, series inverter has more obvious effect than parallel inverter, and in terms of price, thyristor series inverter has greater advantages than IGBT series inverter.

Through the comparison of the above table, customers can choose the most suitable equipment according to production characteristics, capital status and other factors.